Make A Payment

 **Open Enrollment Procedures are located under the ‘News’ tab at the top of the page.**


***We do not take payments over the phone***

Registration and monthly fee are NON-REFUNDABLE.  This includes withdrawals, suspensions and dismissals from the program (see discipline policy in Parent Handbook).

An $8 late fee will be charged on accounts with payments made after the 15th  of the month following the due date.  If the 15th is on a weekend, payment must be made the Friday before to avoid the late fee.

YEP only accepts Debit, Visa, Mastercard and Discover as acceptable forms of online payments.  YEP does not accept American Express as a form of payment.  If American Express is used, you will be financially responsible for all additional charges incurred. 

When using the online payment system, there is a 2.35% convenience fee. This applies to ALL online payments. 

When paying fees online use the payment schedule below:

                        Full-time                   Part-time

1 child           $127.94                     $102.35

2 children      $245.64                     $199.58

3 children      $363.34                     $296.18

If you do not see the monthly rate that applies to your child please contact the bookkeeper at 318-865-0749.

Click “Make a payment” to go to our secure page and submit a payment.